Dear Center for Education,

We are so grateful for every day that our son attends the Center for Education. We feel so privileged that he is a part of your outstanding educational program. Our son is where he is at thanks to your wonderful teachers, therapists and support staff. We are eternally grateful!
B. K.
Dear Center for Education,

The tremendous improvement we have seen in our daughter is indescribable. We can’t stop smiling at all her accomplishments and who she is becoming! She is crawling, walking with a walker, talking beautifully, expressing her feelings of nervousness and frustration, sad and happy and understanding so much more.. and the list goes on. This year's growth in our daughter is mind blowing!!! We are so glad our daughter is in the Center for Education. Thank you!!!!!!
Dear Center for Education,

I do not know of another establishment in the tristate area who provides as much support and resources to an individual student with special needs. The care, expertise & love that’s invested in each child is exceptional!
Faigy Schachner MS, BCBA, LBA, SBL,
Owner of FayConsulting PLLC